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Pizza with BBQ chicken

Dartmouth's Own Pizza                            $10.49         $13.99          $18.99

Grilled chicken, chourico, mushrooms,

garlic, green peppers and onions.


BBQ or Buffalo Chicken                               $8.49         $12.99          $16.99

Roasted chicken with your  choice of

BBQ or hot sauce.


Meat Lovers                                                 $10.49         $13.99          $18.99

Pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage and bacon.


Chicken Stir Fry                                           $10.49         $13.99          $18.99

Grilled chicken, onions,  mushrooms,

roasted peppers, broccoli and garlic oil.


Portuguese                                                  $8.49            $11.99         $15.99

Chourico and red peppers.


Linguica                                                       $8.49            $11.99         $16.99


Veggie Delite                                             $10.49           $12.99         $16.99

Onions, mushrooms, garlic, peppers,

broccoli and olive oil.


Steak and Cheese                                      $10.49         $13.99          $18.99


Bacon Cheese Burger                              $11.99         $13.99          $18.99

Hamburger, Bacon


Greek Chicken                                          $11.99         $13.99          $18.99  

Chicken, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and feta


Shrimp Scampi                                       $11.99         $13.99          $18.99  

Olive oil and garlic sauce, baby shrimp,

grated cheese w/spices topped

with mozzarella cheese


Gluten Free Pizza                                     $6.99


Handmade specialty pizzas

Try one of delectable stone hot specialty pizzas with dough made from scratch and hand stretched, topped with mozzarella cheese and cooked in our hot pizza stone oven. Order a side salad or one of our specialty salads and make it a meal for the family.

Our specialty pizza menu

$1.95 delivery to the UMass campus


Meat lovers' pizza

BBQ or Buffalo chicken

Add a salad to any pizza

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Pizza is perfect for game day and parties with friends.

Pizza with sausage and pepperoni Pizza with vegetables